Warbird Adventure @ Western Museum of Flight

Address: 3315 Airport Drive in Torrance.

The Western Museum of Flight and the Commemorative Air Force is offering flights in a World War II era, two-seat aircraft, the T-6 Texan on Saturday, May 20.

The Warbird Adventure will feature three different flights from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Around the Patch – a 10 minute flight for $175
Ace – a 40 minute flight for $400
Double Ace – a 40 minute aerobatics and scenic flight for $475.

Veteran Reno Air Race Pilot Chris LeFave will be at the controls.

For additional information and to arrange your flight, contact Cindy Macha at 714-300-5524 or by email at

For additional information, visit the website at

The Western Museum of Flight is located at Louis Zamperini Field at 3315 Airport Drive in Torrance.

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