Address: 1815 213th St #135, Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: (310) 742-3192

A Special Event by Destination Art. Open to the Public. 3 PM – 7 PM.

Art2Go2  is a dynamic concept for enjoying and buying art.  Every wall will be filled with over 300 original paintings of all styles and media created by the 22 studio and gallery artists, as well as the 60 associate artists who support Destination: Art.
When the doors are opened, the specially displayed art is revealed to the public, and attendees will be eager to purchase pieces they want before someone else does. The artwork will be unsigned, so attendees are encouraged to choose art they enjoy rather than look for the work of specific well-known California and Destination: Art artists such as David Wolfram, Richard Stephens, Margaret Lindsey, Dolores Garren, Al Hagan, and many others. Once a piece is sold, the mystery of the artist’s name will be revealed, and the buyer may ask for the piece to be signed by the artist. This special show and sale of these paintings will be available only through November 25th.
Art2Go2 unframed art pieces will be in two specially-priced sizes, and will be packaged in take-out pizza boxes upon purchase, in keeping with the theme of the event.  Or, participants may take part in the creative process by choosing a frame for the artwork from two on-site framers.