12/01/2018 - 12/25/2018
Christmas Tree House

The Christmas Tree House

Address: 17520 Prairie Ave Torrance, California
Phone: (310) 214-4900

Christmas Tree House is a family operation run by Andy Tingirides and daughter Janelle Clark. We have been in the tree business for many years and sell high quality trees. The parent company of Christmas Tree House, Bishop & Mathews, began selling Christmas trees in 1927. With over 80 years of continuous experience we are, and will remain, a high quality provider of fresh cut Christmas trees, and take pride in family Christmas traditions.

Christmas Tree House staff (past and present) includes, but is not limited to, Police Officers (including two past D.A.R.E. officers), School Personnel, National Department of Forestry Fire Fighters and, most imortantly, Parents!

Quality should be emphasized over price. This program is intended as a continuing annual fundraiser!!! What a great way for your sports team, band, church group and Boy Scout Troop to raise money.