James R. Armstrong Theatre

Lou Sings The Holidays

Address: 3330 Civic Center Dr., Torrance, CA 90503

Lou Giovannetti was about three years old when Frank Sinatra began his comeback tour in 1974 at Madison Square Garden. “Lucky for me, I caught Frank one night after the Garden show when he opened the Richfield Coliseum near Cleveland.” Lou didn’t know Jilly’s, the Stork Club or El Morocco – all the swing street joints – when he was growing up in New York City, but he did know the music. “Every Italian restaurant you ever walked into in the Bronx always had Frank Sinatra playing. It’s really not how I got into Sinatra; it’s more like how Sinatra got into me. It was just something that was always around as an Italian American growing up. Even in college, I have Sinatra records that were given to me. At the time I thought, ‘Oh whatever’. Then I heard ‘This Town’ and I thought that was the coolest, hippest, edgiest tune. Then, when I saw ‘Oceans Eleven’ and they used that song at the end of the movie, I thought… this is it!”