James R. Armstrong Theatre

Splendors of Peru: A Tribute to Cusco 2018

Address: 3330 Civic Center Drive Torrance, California 90503
Phone: 310.781.7171

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Splendors of Peru celebrates the music, dance, and traditions of Peru, highlighting the unique folk dance and music from the city of Cuzco.  These colorful traditional and artistic performances bring to life the vibrant color, sand, and the distinct sounds from the Andean region of Peru.  Two contemporary exhibits will highlight the fashion and artistry of Cuzco, with the participation of the ArteMerida Exhibit, Las Polleras de Agus Fashion, and Raices Peruanas Folk Dancers, showing the traditional music from Cuzco.

Tickets are $45/$30.  Call the Theatre Box Office at 310.781.7171.  For more information contact Martha Galvez at 626.260.2502, Ana Uzategui at 818.395.6495, Mina Munoz at 714.273.3466, Elizabeth Anderson at 909.396.7189, or Aida Roldan at 626.568.9298.

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