Western Museum of Flight

The Glass Spaceship at Western Museum of Flight

Address: Western Museum of Flight - 3315 Airport Drive Torrance, CA 90505

On Saturday, October 15th, the Western Museum of Flight is hosting a Celebrity Lecture Series – The Glass Spaceship.

As technological achievements in space exploration grew in magnitude and frequency, it became clear that the ability to operate outside of Earth’s atmosphere and gravity had much more value than merely overcoming scientific challenges. Clearly, the space environment offered myriad practical benefits. But those benefits had to be economically – as well as technologically – feasible. That reality gave birth to the Space Shuttle concept. A system that could carry people and payloads into low-earth orbit, and bring them back again, with a vehicle that could be re-used, again and again, would provide that kind of practical capability.

The scientific and technological challenges inherent in development of such a system were enormous. Thousands of talented scientists, engineers, and other specialists had to stretch their capabilities to the limit. They succeeded spectacularly. One of these exceptional individuals was Gerald Blackburn, a veteran engineer, who had honed his skills on the Apollo program. Gerald specialized in Materials and Process engineering, developing new applications of the most advanced materials in the industry, and then inventing new ones. His story is a fascinating one, and his insights from past achievements offer exciting hints for future success in space exploration.

When:  Saturday, October 15th, 2022
Where:  Western Museum of Flight – Zamperini Field – 3315 Airport Dr., Torrance, CA  90505
Time:  11:00 AM
Cost: Museum Members – Free, Non-Members – $10
Parking: Free – available in Museum Lot
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