Western Museum of Flight

Western Museum of Flight: Cold War Air Defense

Address: 3315 Airport Dr Torrance, California 90505
Phone: (310) 326-9544

Time: 11am

Featured Speaker: Capt. David Wensley

During some of the darkest years of the Cold War, one of the most critical capabilities of the US Armed Forces was the ability to repel Soviet bombers armed with nuclear weapons. Before the advent of ballistic missiles, the interception of attacking manned aircraft was of paramount importance, not only for strategic deterrence, but also for public morale. We have the privilege of hearing from one of those stalwart Cold Warriors, Captain David Wensley, who mastered the radarequipped F-86 D. Serving in continental US and in North Africa, Captain Wensley helped to hold the line through the tense period of the late 1950s. Join us, to hear this intriguing story.