Torrance Travelodge Hotel

Have a great California adventure while staying at the Torrance Travelodge. The hotel is conveniently located to local attractions and various dining options which make it the perfect place for your vacation.

The Depot

"Depot is not only the name of the restaurant where Chef Michael Shafer is the iron horse and engineer, it's the creative hub of culinary lines from all over the world that have marked his career, from Classical cuisine to German, Austrian, contemporary Scandinavian, pan-Asian, and Mexican to Ame

Torrance Beach

Torrance Beach lies between Redondo Beach and Malaga Cove. The region shared by Torrance and Redondo Beaches is often called “Rat Beach” (short for “Right After Torrance” Beach or “Redondo and Torrance Beach”).

Torrance Art Museum

Torrance Art Museum is the premiere visual art space to view contemporary art in the South Bay.