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Looking for a place with the confidence and vibe of the big city but none of the ego? Central to it all but away from the hustle and bustle? Where beer, food and entertainment are surrounded by authenticity and pride? In Torrance, we do things our way so you can enjoy them your way. Come sway our way and experience the place where good vibes flow like a cool ocean breeze.

Location, Location, Location

Nestled in the beautiful South Bay of Los Angeles, Torrance is a place where "sun and sand" meet "suds and stouts." Find an ideal destination when visiting the L.A. area, with close proximity to all Southern California attractions.

Up and Coming
02/22/2020 Japanese Sake Shochu Beer California Challenge Join us for a Japanese sake, shochu and beer tasting party! Japanese cuisine such as yakitori, oden, takoyaki and others…
02/22/2020 Dancing with the South Bay Stars IX Join us for this annual extra-special event where local South Bay community stars, paired with professional dancers, compete to raise…
02/23/2020 Blues in My Coffee Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm The Torrance Performing Arts Consortium, Torrance Mercury Stage Productions, and South Bay Conservatory presents BLUES IN MY…
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