Filming in Torrance


Unpretentiously cool.
Ridiculously easy.

With its close proximity to LA and LAX, wide variety of location options, and picture-perfect weather, Torrance works hard at attracting and pleasing film and television production crews. From the ease of permitting to its ample lodging and food selection to its residents who take filming in stride, everyone works together to make location shots a breeze.

With filming inquiries, please reach out to or call (310) 618-2456.

As Seen On...
Filmed at: Del Amo Fashion Center
Filmed at Various Places in: Torrance, California
Filmed at: Torrance High School


Torrance has that confident star power you can only get from experience. It comes from working with the best. Quentin Tarantino shot here. So did Ridley Scott, Ron Howard, Sam Mendes, Christopher Nolan, Martha Coolidge, Rob Epstein, Bill Pohland, Tim Burton, to name a few. Ready to add your name to the list?

"Torrance has a multitude of options when it comes to locations. From period style architecture with an ‘Anywhere USA’ feel to a typical Southern California strip mall replete with oceans of parking and Palm trees, the city of Torrance has what you are looking for and a few things that may surprise you." - Noah Grange, Pacific Production Services, Inc.