Get Hoppy in Torrance

Get Hoppy in Torrance

Welcome to brew heaven! Torrance is becoming known as a hub for SoCal’s craft beer scene, so get your taste buds ready to explore the city’s 10 breweries with this two-day itinerary.

Day One

Hawaii for breakfast

Plan on arriving in Torrance mid-morning and begin your day with a hearty breakfast at King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant. We recommend getting their famous King’s Hawaiian French, it’s delicious! Now that you’re filled up, it’s time to really beer it up!

Hop to your next stop

Next, take a short drive to HopSaint Brewing Company and meet brewmaster Brian Brewer (yes, that’s his real name!). The pub offers savory flavor sensations through quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients and traditional techniques. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! We’re sure by now you probably need some more food in your belly. You’re in luck, HopSaint is also a full-service restaurant. We love their tasty shrimp and bacon mac-n-cheese. Time to request an Uber, Lyft, taxi or grab your designated driver and head to the next brewery.

Small brewery, large variety

When you arrive at Scholb Premium Ales, it feels like your home away from home. The small craft brewery and tasting room features a large variety of craft beer with clean, clear, and direct flavors. You’re sure to learn a little bit of beer history while you’re here.

Absolutely amazing

Just a short walk down the street is Absolution Brewing Company. Their farm-to-glass artisan beers and ales are made with Old World style and New World ingredients. Water, grain, yeast and hops…that’s it!

The perfect ending

After a day of drinking some of the best brews in SoCal, it’s time for a big meal. How about some authentic Mexican food? Head to local favorite La Capilla Mexican Restaurant. This place is warm and inviting, perfect for unwinding. Time to head back to your hotel to relax and get a good night sleep before day two of our brewery tour.

Day Two

Breakfast favorites

Did you dream about beer? We sure did. We’re hoppy and we know it, let’s drink more craft beer in Torrance! First, grab some breakfast at Eat at Rudy’s near Old Town Torrance. This local hot spot will treat you like family as they serve you homemade breakfast favorites.

Brew it up

Now that you’ve had a fulfilling breakfast, lets brew it! First up on day two is Smog City Brewing Company. This family-run craft brewery has 18 exclusive taps and focuses on creating exceptional beers. Their hard work has paid off as the tavern has been recognized nationwide with a World Beer Cup award and has been named best brewery in the South Bay by Daily Breeze readers. We recommend getting their Coffee Porter or Sabre-Toothed Squirrel (don’t worry, no teeth are involved).


Kiss the Sky

A short walk down the street is the Monkish Brewing Co. This place is super chill and their tasting room is located within the brewery. Some of our favorites are Kiss the Sky, Tables Turned and Verb Vice. The names alone make this place cool. We’re sure you have the munchies by now, well you’re in luck, next door is the Fantastic Café. This place has some of the best sandwiches and burgers in town. Now that you’ve eaten lunch, it’s time to continue drinking brews with some super cool dudes!

Hang with the dudes

The Dudes’ Brewing Co. offers a laid-back atmosphere with 13 brews on tap. This place is perfect for drinking and chilling. Their core brews include the California IPA and a blonde ale. They also have some amazing specials year-round.

Castle Dangerous

Next up, Yorkshire Square Brewery. The pub embraces British history offering some of the tastiest brews around Torrance. Our go-to is the Castle Dangerous export stout, it’s big and beautiful. Here you can relax and enjoy a pint (or two), their firkin fresh!

Classics at Red Car

Last stop is the Red Car Brewery & Restaurant. This place was named after California’s famous Red Car Line. The laid-back brewery offers a variety of classics to limited-time beers. Red Car is also a full-service restaurant. For dinner, we recommend getting their Barbecue Chicken Pizza, which includes Barbecue chicken, Motorman ale barbecue sauce, gouda and mozzarella cheeses, red onions and cilantro. It’s tasty and will surely soak up all the beer you’ve drank!

Don’t forget to snap some pictures along the way for a trip you’ll never forget (kinda). Come experience the best local brews in SoCal’s secret city and become a Torrance beer expert, book your trip today!

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