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China Rising

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China Rising | Dale Johnson

March 9 @ 3 p.m. | Tickets $14/$12 | Marsee Auditorium

China is a country and a society steeped in history and tradition. Beijing is the Capital, where we will find the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Great Wall just north of the City. The Great Wall is about 4000 miles long, stretching from the Yellow Sea, or the East China Sea, to the western barrens where the Wall is now almost unnoticeable, almost indistinguishable in the landscape. In those far reaches of China the Wall is now only a few feet high in some places, its stones and brick having been scavenged for other building projects. North of the Capital of Beijing it has been restored and this is the part of the Wall most often visited.

Everywhere there are tourists by the hundreds. They are Chinese tourists: not so many are foreigners. The Chinese in great numbers are visiting all the monuments and historic places in China today. On the Great Wall (which the Chinese call the Long Wall) people are everywhere.

In contrast to the antiquity of China we’ll see much of a burgeoning economic expansion…ultra-modern cities, expensive shopping, traffic congestion, and perhaps most surprising, huge farming operations with giant tractors producing corn, soybeans and other crops on private farms…not Government collectives as in the past.

China is now the second-largest economy and still expanding. Its rate of growth is slowing now to single digit percentages rather than the double-digit rate it has sustained for two decades. It is still a Country worth watching, and a Country worth knowing. A fascinating people with a vibrancy, hunger and ambition to make things happen.


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