Torrance Historical Society Museum

Late Night Thursdays with the Torrance Historical Society

Address: Torrance Historical Society Museum – 1345 Post Ave., Torrance
Phone: 310.328.5392

YOU are invited to Late Night Thursdays, during the month August at the Torrance Historical Society (1345 Post Ave., Old Torrance).

On these Late Night Thursdays, the Museum will be open from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM, and treats will be served each Thursday.   You can also visit with their special guests.

While you’re out-and-about, pop in the Museum and explore the Torrance Historical Society’s collection including:

  • See a photo of Mrs. Jared Sidney Torrance (Helena), and . . . take your own photo with Jared
  • Check out the historic Red Car photos and original ticket on display
  • Touch one of the original Torrance cowboy’s saddle (yes, Torrance used to be a farming community — right down to cows, pigs, minks, turkeys, strawberries, and flowers)
  • View the training shorts and sweatshirt Louis Zamperini wore during the 1936 Olympics, the luggage the community bought for him to attend the Olympic Tryouts in NY, and other “Lucky Louie” treasures

Thursday, August 4th
Happy Birthday to Jared Sidney Torrance – celebrating with cupcakes! (Jared would have been 170-years-old on August 3rd) Checkout his family genealogy chart, see a rare picture of our City’s founder, and more.