04/08/2021 - 04/30/2021
Torrance, CA

Mayor’s Earth Day Bingo Challenge

Address: Torrance, CA

The world is our home, and we need to protect it the best we can. That means conserving energy everyday, using water responsibly, recycling materials, and reducing our waste. There is no better time to start making environmentally conscious changes than on Earth Day! Earth Day is a day to celebrate the green grass, the blue skies, the powerful ocean, and the memorizing mountains that we all share.

This Earth Day, The City of Torrance would like to invite the community to take the Mayor’s Earth Day Bingo Challenge! This Bingo challenge is full of eco-friendly activities and actions that help save energy and keep our Earth clean. Just download and print out the bingo card below, and complete some fun, environmentally friendly activities!

Earth Day Bingo participants have from April 8 – 30, 2021 to fill out a line of activities to win  prizes! Prizes include a reusable tote bag, eco-friendly eating utensils, and a small bag holder for when you walk your dog. The first person to fill out the entire card will receive a Torrance Monopoly game! 

While you are filling out your bingo card, make sure to:

  1. Take photos of your activities
  2. Share them on your social media as you complete them
  3. Use the hashtag #TorranceLivingGreen so we can follow your activities!

When you’ve completed enough activities to make a line

  1. Send a photo of your completed card to Webmaster@TorranceCA.Gov with the subject line BINGO!
  2. Include your name and contact number so we can contact you to pick up your prize.

We will contact the winners of the Mayor’s Earth Day Bingo Challenge and will coordinate a safe and contactless prize pick up. Have fun and good luck!