07/22/2023 - 09/09/2023
Torrance Art Museum (TAM)

Summer Exhibits at Torrance Art Museum

Address: Torrance Art Museum - 3320 Civic Center Dr, Torrance, CA 90503

The Torrance Art Museum will have its next exhibits July 22 – September 9, 2023!

MAIN GALLERY: Body Politics

Body Politics presents work that brings attention to the disabled body and examines the various ‘gazes’ by which it is represented and interpreted.

Artists: Panteha Abareshi, Emily Barker, Yadira Dockstader, Mari Katayama, Katherine Sherwood, Liz Young


GALLERY TWO: Art and Med

For over a decade Ted Meyer had curated art shows focusing on artworks by patient-artists as a means of teaching future doctors and current medical workers about the lived experience of chronic pain and illness.

Artists: Ellen Cantor, Ayin Es, Rose-Lynn Fisher, Siobhan Hebron, Cathy Immordino, Rachael Jablo, Daniel Leighton, Krista Machovina, J. Fredric May, Bhanva Mehta, Ted Meyer, Dylan Mortimer, Kathy Nida, Alice Marie Perreault, Jane Szabo, Susan Trachman, James T. Walker

DARK ROOM: Vacations In The Subconscious

Surrealist Vacations In The Subconscious 2023— a video art exhibition, curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne / The New Museum of Networked Art, inspired by the Manifesto of Surrealism by Andre Breton.

Split between 7 weeks, this series will feature a total of 80 videos by 88 international artists.


LOBBY: If she could speak, she would sing

Video documentation of projection on an archival photograph by visual artist Alison Chen.

”If she could speak, she would sing is part of an ongoing body of work that explores my conception of motherhood. In particular, I unpack how my understanding of mothering has been shaped by my experiences as a daughter, my relationship with my mother, and the lineage of mothers in my ancestry.” -Alison Chen