Rose Bowl

Tournament of Roses Parade 2022

Address: Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

Torrance is celebrating at the Tournament of the Roses Parade 2022! See their float during this special event.

The 2022 Parade Theme: “Dream. Believe. Achieve.”

The 2022 Torrance Float Title: “The Embodiment of Nature”

The Torrance Rose Float Association is proud to submit the 66th entry for the City of Torrance with the 2022 float, “The Embodiment of Nature.” The Conceptual design is the result of a contest open to high school students within the City of Torrance based on this year’s theme.  The majestic African elephant and the colorful Toucan highlight the warmth and beauty of the animal kingdom while working to promote an awareness of the many endangered species of animals and the perils they face as well as bring to light the realities of habitat destruction, pollution and the shrinking of rain forests.  This inspirational display encourages everyone that if we believe it, we can achieve the dream of providing protection and safety to the animals and their home.