TOCA - Armstrong Theatre

Whispers of Trees at TOCA

Address: TOCA - 3330 Civic Center Dr., Torrance, CA 90503

Young composer CHOU Hsuan-hung and young film director WEI Zhao-yi’s cross-collaboration, co-creation project focuses on trees and consists of the conducting of recording, filming, soundscaping, and music writing in Kaohsiung.

Through this project and performance, the perspective of trees is used to view the appearance of trees within the environment of human activity and further observe humans’state of mind within this environment. Through the guidance of films, images, and music, the audience watches the swaying of the shadows of trees and listens to music and those often-ignored sounds. In doing so, in addition to bringing out the imprints of life surroundings, from within the rhythm of everyday life, one is able to enter an unordinary sensual experience. Akin to daydreaming under a tree, one enters a world that is on the borderline between fantasy and reality, inspiring us to reflect upon the interaction.